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I need to exercise … but God I don’t want to!

“If you want your heart to take care of you, you better take care of it,” says the mind to the body.

“I do, but I don’t feel like it,” says the body to the mind.

One friend suggested I “put on music and dance.”

Okay, considered.

The kid and I used to dance and sweat to M.J.’s “Thriller” quite a bit. I know the steps, but that long routine will tire thee hell out of you – think I’m kidding, try it yourself. The kid outlasted me every time. But know this, “Thriller” will give you a serious workout. How Michael did it without breaking a sweat … shaking my head at his energy.

“Stretching is a good place to start,” suggests my flexible yoga friend.

Years ago, I bought a yoga DVD for inflexible people – hurt my little body so much I never used it again.

“Just start walking,” says one who runs marathons.

Don’t wanna do that either. Thanks a lot sciatic pain.

Another apologized for not being able to help; said she’s lazy by nature and was looking for cake.

I chuckle. I want cookies.

I have another friend who does over a hundred jumping jacks every night. She’s high on vitamins.

My friends are essentially saving their lives. I want the same for mine. It’s encouraging to know their routines and that they’re working it out, but not encouraging enough – I’m just not motivated (hate exercising).

I went to one Zumba class with my church sisters and vowed to NEVER return! Zumba is nuts; clearly for the insane! Who came up with the crazy notion to dance for over an hour straight to R&B, hip hop, Latino and reggae music – who?! It’s just abnormal and insane. You can’t hear me, but I’m laughing out loud.

Speaking of insanity – I can watch the heck out of those Insanity infomercials and work out vicariously that way.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried gym memberships over the years only to throw away money. Remember Elaine Powers? That’s how far back I’m talking (lol); some of you have never even heard that name before, which I find kind of funny. I’ve also bought workout equipment only for it to collect dust or be used as coat racks. I have two sets of weights that I occasionally use; didn’t see any definition in my arms so I stopped. I gave away a treadmill. My dusty stepper is currently being used to keep the cat from purposely tipping over his water bowl! But, I am not giving up – just need a plan for stiff and lazy beginners.

You know, a lot of women (maybe not you) would love to have Beyoncé’s body. Me, I’d just want her lower lumbar … well, I can dream, can’t I?

Sike, I don’t really want it, Jesus, but I’m just sayin’.


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If you know me, you are very much aware of how I truly enjoy writing - because after all - it is my thang. If you are unfamiliar with me, welcome to my wonderful word of me. I have one book published, "Office Antics & Sexual Liaisons", and I am actively working on the sequel. I humbly appreciate all who have purchased and read my 1st creation (even if you read it without purchasing, you have entered my mind and got a sense of my writing style). I always welcome all feedback; positive, negative, indifferent - doesn't matter - makes me a better and more conscientious writer - all I ask is that you not be disrespectful. I can be sarcastic, comical, sensitive, informative, and overly descriptive (lol) as I've been told. I'm cool with all that, and to those who are not into my style of prose, I get that too. I still have two other books in my head that should've been on paper a long time ago - what?! - I do have a life y'all! So stay tuned for the sequel, which is tentatively titled, "After the Antics". In the meantime, continue to follow my blog and tell someone about it. I love you for readin' my writin'. Peace!

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  1. When we spoke about this I suggested you start by simply walking. Not power walking but simply three 10-minute walks a day. It will give you a foundation upon which to build your own routine of…whatever. I think many of us start off with too lofty a goal and then when we don’t keep it up tend to beat ourselves up about it.

    I, too, hate exercising. But guess what? I joined Planet Fitness with my son and with his encouragement I found I was getting into it because we were spending quality time while doing our bodies a world of good. Plus, it helped that I was starting to see results.

    I offer my company if you want to do one of your 10 at work…

  2. Haha… This sounds a lot like me. I tell myself everyday “when u get home, do ur crutches” but it never happens. I have a membership at a gym and have not used it in at least a yr. I don’t want to give up cause I tell myself ” you will go tomorrow”. Nope… Didn’t happen. So now my sis and I are working on something and will keep u posted.

  3. I can relate 100% I go to the gym in spurts! When I feel like a health nut and only get on the treadmill until I see how long to hit my 2 mile mark. I will NOT disclose how long it takes me! LOL I get on the bike and do 2 miles, get on this rowing machine with weights and I also get on this sort of ab cruncher. After the next day, my body is sore and I lose my motivation. I went and cut my hair short because I didn’t want my hair to sweat out and look a mess when I was done. Then I started missing my hair. I had all types of excuses but I think what it all boils down to is, I need a buddy or at least someone that will drag me back to the gym and make things look easy! LOL Great Post Mrs. Anthony-Horton:)

    • Kea, at LEAST you have done something! You’re more motivated than I am, that’s for sure. I’m looking for a buddy too, so I know exactly where you’re coming from. Happy trails, girl! Glad you enjoyed the post.

  4. Hey Chocolate candy eating Girl…Don’t we just luv being called girl at this, i mean your age…hehmm.
    Meanwhile, Zumba is the best…in stages. If you came into a class it prob was already in the advanced stages. But that’s not how it really starts. Like a prev friend stated “crawl, walk, run” and like you “I aint running nowhere!” Zumba actually starts with a crawl then progresses…to a “Dancing with the STARS contestant.” (sounds better than RUN huh?) However, I know your pain; being a junk food junky myself that abdominal area just won’t let up. Erica Kanes chair…okay for all those folks who don’t know the name, Susan Lucci’s Pilates chairl is starting to look real good. Sit watch t.v. while working out legs, eat “healthy snacks” read a lil, arms can benefit still while sitting designating hh chores to relatives b/c you’re trying to be healthy for them and yourself…oh yeah let’s not forget…FLex pay makes it all easy with HSN, delivered right to your front door, you don’t even have to exercise to get it in your home. Hope this helps!

  5. You are too funny, MaTilda! Believe it or not, I feel the same way about exercising. Hate it (although I LOVE Zumba… probably because I don’t think of it as exercise. It’s total fun to me!). But I realize it’s really all mind over matter. Actually, it’s more like faith over flesh, ’cause the spirit is often willing but the flesh is weak (Matt. 26:41). Oh the struggle!! 😩

    Ask God to help you be a better steward of His temple (your body). It may not even start with exercise… it may just start with eating healthier. Either way, it’s all about baby steps. Get ta steppin’ sister! 😄

  6. Add walking, really. Say an extra 15 minutes a day. that increases your exercise over an hour a week. Don’t worry about distance, speed, etc. Oh, wait, it’s too hot for that, huh? Really, though, get your favorite music– forget “Thriller”–, put the ear buds in and dance around the house. Ignore the cat’s raised eyebrow and sly smirk.If the music is loud enough, you won’t hear the fam’s rude comments. see ya, carrot cake calling!

  7. Put down the car keys. But ur sneakersob and get ur walk on. Otherwise than that you’re always going to wonder. The only thing come.To a SLEEPER IS A FREAKIN DREAM. LMAO.

  8. Sistah Girl.Just do it ! Your body is God’s temple. You owe it to Nirvana to be here and to be the best that you can be ! You owe it to yourself. And…the world is better because you’re in it !

  9. Great post! You can do it if you can visualize it. Just write out a plan with a goal. Post this sheet of paper somewhere you are guaranteed to look every day (think bathroom, kitchen sink).

  10. Exercise, unless you are gearing for some type of immediate competition, should be started out slowly and after a thorough assessment. A good foundation of cardio vascular fitness should be established prior to the incorporation of weights if weights lifting is going to be a component of your future fitness planning. I suggest using the crawl walk run approach, simply put lets say your first fitness goal is to complete a one mile run without stopping, in the crawl phase you will mark off one mile and complete it the best you can, don’t concentrate on speed, stop and rest as needed, during the walk phase you will walk a mile without stopping for rest with the intent of getting up to some light jogging, this leads you into the run phase where the goal is complete the mile without slowing to a walk, this phase is also where you will start logging your times whereby you can track your results and using the same principle add another mile where you will start by running one mile and crawl the next and so on. Hope this helps

    • Nope; I know I’m not going to run anywhere! I can tell you that my fitness goal will not be to compete in an any mile run! I need to be spoon fed – that would be too much for me. Your comment did help, but I’m not there, even mentally yet. You can come up with something a lot less grueling, can’t ya, friend?

      • They’re coming out with a pill that makes you lose weight, grow your hair and improves your credit, you just have to wait a while longer. LUV

    • Hi… I am reading all these blogs and they are all in the best interest… But it is up to the individual always. U have to be ready when u r ready. Thanks for all the kind words but me myself… My mind is stubborn and I am getting is very hard to do.

  11. My sentiment is truly the same. I have a treadmill & weight bench that both serve as my clothing racks. Everyday I say i’m gonna go home and walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes. Yea right. The perfect exercise would be one I can sit and do without breaking a sweat, while watching TV, & eating Doritos. That souls be a perfect without.

  12. I really enjoyed reading this blog because it something that hit close to home. Exercise is a must to keep your blood flowing. You don’t know it but you do some type of exercise everyday . It just how much you do to keep fit is the key. And yes you are going to do Zumba again if I have to drag you by both of your feet. It was fun. And that what you need to keep motivated. It works also to keep us over 50 women in shape. So stop talking and take action.

  13. Ur slim goodie babe. U look Great for ur age. No joke


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