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51 with braces

I’m seriously considering getting braces.

I say that with a bit of trepidation for the following reasons: braces will eventually close the sentimental gap between my front teeth – the gap I’ve come to embrace, love, and more importantly, remind me of my mother’s gapped-tooth smile before dentures.

But, I don’t want my gap closed. It’s the characteristic I love most about my face, my smile.

Why braces now, you ask?

Reason #1: I am becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the other gaps in my mouth. My teeth are doing something I can’t explain. Ah, maybe they are, maybe not – could be they’re just getting older like the rest of me. I can’t say they’re shifting and I can’t say for sure the other gaps are getting bigger, but when I examine my teeth closely – and I mean thisclose to the mirror, I notice a difference. I wonder if an orthodontist would put braces on the top row of either side of the gap from left to left and right to right without touching my center teeth… I would look like a fool, right?

Reason #2: Retirement! If I retire at age 55, so does my dental coverage, which means I gotta get it in before then. Let’s say, I have to wear braces for the next two years. I don’t have problem teeth; they only need to be pushed back and gaps (top and bottom) closed. It’ll probably take me those two years to pay my portion of the bill – at least that’s how it was for the kid’s braces.

Speaking of the kid, she asked, “Why do you want braces at your age?”

I immediately took offense. “You think I’m too old for braces? You think you’re the only one who can have a beautiful smile?”

She was like, “No, but you’re gonna be 61 by the time you finish wearing your retainer…”

Why’d she give me eight years to wear a retainer?

As I explained to her in my other blog, “Conversation with my kid…explaining that awkward stage,” there is something that folks in their 40’s & 50’s would like to change about themselves, and that includes me as well. You’re never too aged to improve upon yourself – another teachable lesson for the kid.

My mom had this saying back in the day that I used to question only because I was too young to understand. She’d frequently say, “If I live and nothing happens…” then she’d add whatever she needed to add. I now get it that time is not always on our side.

Well, this is my saying, “If I live and nothing happens, I’m gonna get me some braces!”

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  1. Do it. Easier than my getting my 40 year old waist back.

  2. Marcita Walton

    Your decision will depend on what else in changing in your mouth. You said things were moving in there. But remember, when the job is done , so is the dental coverage. your decision.

  3. I thought about getting braces myself but I Love my teeth the way they are so “THE GAP” Stays! LOL

  4. Linda Baxter

    I’ve come to love my gap! It’s me! And I’ve come to LOVE me just as I am! So, unless it is life threatening I’m gonna’ keep my gap for now! You do YOU Tillie! If it makes you feel better go for it!

  5. Tillie, As you say your teeth are beginning to shift so why not braces and yes when you retire that coverage will stop. So why not go for it. It will not hurt to try. You will still be Tillie, gap or no.

  6. I personally love your smile just as it is.If a Dentist doesn’t say you need anything done to your teeth ,use the money on something else,but if it makes you feel better than get your braces girl but remember all the foods you will not be able to eat. One Love

  7. Tilliie, The shift in your teeth may be due to you grinding or clenching your teeth in your sleep. It seems that folks with sleep apnea tend to have this issue.This has happened to Amber and me. Although we don’t have gaps it causes our teeth to “crowd” each other. Sometimes our teeth are almost perfectly aligned. Other times, after much clenching, a couple of our teeth will be overlapping or slightly turned. A night guard will help if this is the case.

    Peace !

  8. Girl you are so right. Being a gap sister myself. The gap defines us. But it you want to change that, go right ahead. I just not going to recognize you. I enjoyed reading.

  9. Let me know how you make out.

  10. I’m thinking the same thing leaning towards Invisalign

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