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Daily Archives: July 28, 2013

tattoos – too much nowadays?

Last week, the husband and I ate breakfast at a local restaurant. Our waitress was a young girl who had tattoo markings all over her body – not exactly inviting for an eating establishment, but the food was decent enough and I wouldn’t begrudge anyone the opportunity to make an honest day’s pay.

Working alongside her was another waitress who appeared to be slightly older and tattoo laden as well. As husband stared at our waitress, he shook his head and said, “Why don’t you blog about this?”

“And say what?”

“Like why they want to do their bodies like that.”

I shrugged and thought, “Okay, why not?”

So, here’s my opine.

The art of tattooing is no longer special or relevant. I remember when I was a kid, to see someone with a tattoo was a rare and exciting thing, and I definitely don’t recall women showcasing permanent art work – maybe it was discreetly hidden, I don’t know. But, don’t get me wrong, I’m not putting down all who has writings on their bodies – heck, I even have a “toy tattoo” myself. “Toy” because my niece who is also a tattoo junkie, labeled my tat as such because it’s small and childlike, and didn’t take over an entire body part.

On my right shoulder are two small hearts with falling tear drops. I would have gotten the tat on my left arm, but it would have covered the vaccination mark I proudly display. Folks of a certain age, I’m sure, can appreciate that sentiment; however, I digress (I do that often) – my mom died in ’93 and the tat is dedicated to her memory.

But getting back to tats – I believe it’s more of a fad nowadays because everybody and their mommas have ’em! And you all know it’s true. They’re your neighbors, co-workers, school kids, the person sitting next to you and standing above you on public transportation; and even the driver himself and the person who delivers your pizza! Aside from us regular tattoo-having Joes, there are those who are so covered that their skin looks burned and unnatural – or how ’bout this – nightmarishly ugly! You know you’ve seen a few yourself that completely grossed you out. And how about folks with tattoos all over their bodies – you know the ones completely covered from neck to ankles? Yeah, they confuse my brain – throw me in a state of confusion because the skin they’re in don’t match the clothes they wear!

My kid asked a couple of years ago if she could get a tattoo when she got older. “Absolutely not,” I said and I meant it. “Have a clear body; don’t be like everyone else.” I’ll never forget when she told me the number of her classmates who had tattoos. “What?!” Unbelievable. At the time, we were talking 12 & 13 year olds! I explained how I disagreed with parents who allowed kids that young to be branded. How could you even justify that? Me shrugging with a confused look on my face.

Then there’s the infamous “Tramp Stamp” – that lovely butterfly or symbol no one understands – stamped on the lower back for viewing pleasure as you’re (say slowly) get-tin’ it from behind….

It would be refreshing to see the next generation tattoo-free or at least not have the art work on display for all to see. Please believe that people judge by what’s seen on the outside. You can have your tats, but unless you’re going into business for yourself, a potential employer does not need to witness all your markings.

So, I have these questions for you: How harshly do you judge people who have tattoos and would you hire someone whose body is covered to the point of not recognizing their original skin?

Food for thought, folks….