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tattoos – too much nowadays?

Last week, the husband and I ate breakfast at a local restaurant. Our waitress was a young girl who had tattoo markings all over her body – not exactly inviting for an eating establishment, but the food was decent enough and I wouldn’t begrudge anyone the opportunity to make an honest day’s pay.

Working alongside her was another waitress who appeared to be slightly older and tattoo laden as well. As husband stared at our waitress, he shook his head and said, “Why don’t you blog about this?”

“And say what?”

“Like why they want to do their bodies like that.”

I shrugged and thought, “Okay, why not?”

So, here’s my opine.

The art of tattooing is no longer special or relevant. I remember when I was a kid, to see someone with a tattoo was a rare and exciting thing, and I definitely don’t recall women showcasing permanent art work – maybe it was discreetly hidden, I don’t know. But, don’t get me wrong, I’m not putting down all who has writings on their bodies – heck, I even have a “toy tattoo” myself. “Toy” because my niece who is also a tattoo junkie, labeled my tat as such because it’s small and childlike, and didn’t take over an entire body part.

On my right shoulder are two small hearts with falling tear drops. I would have gotten the tat on my left arm, but it would have covered the vaccination mark I proudly display. Folks of a certain age, I’m sure, can appreciate that sentiment; however, I digress (I do that often) – my mom died in ’93 and the tat is dedicated to her memory.

But getting back to tats – I believe it’s more of a fad nowadays because everybody and their mommas have ’em! And you all know it’s true. They’re your neighbors, co-workers, school kids, the person sitting next to you and standing above you on public transportation; and even the driver himself and the person who delivers your pizza! Aside from us regular tattoo-having Joes, there are those who are so covered that their skin looks burned and unnatural – or how ’bout this – nightmarishly ugly! You know you’ve seen a few yourself that completely grossed you out. And how about folks with tattoos all over their bodies – you know the ones completely covered from neck to ankles? Yeah, they confuse my brain – throw me in a state of confusion because the skin they’re in don’t match the clothes they wear!

My kid asked a couple of years ago if she could get a tattoo when she got older. “Absolutely not,” I said and I meant it. “Have a clear body; don’t be like everyone else.” I’ll never forget when she told me the number of her classmates who had tattoos. “What?!” Unbelievable. At the time, we were talking 12 & 13 year olds! I explained how I disagreed with parents who allowed kids that young to be branded. How could you even justify that? Me shrugging with a confused look on my face.

Then there’s the infamous “Tramp Stamp” – that lovely butterfly or symbol no one understands – stamped on the lower back for viewing pleasure as you’re (say slowly) get-tin’ it from behind….

It would be refreshing to see the next generation tattoo-free or at least not have the art work on display for all to see. Please believe that people judge by what’s seen on the outside. You can have your tats, but unless you’re going into business for yourself, a potential employer does not need to witness all your markings.

So, I have these questions for you: How harshly do you judge people who have tattoos and would you hire someone whose body is covered to the point of not recognizing their original skin?

Food for thought, folks….


About T. Anthony-Horton

If you know me, you are very much aware of how I truly enjoy writing - because after all - it is my thang. If you are unfamiliar with me, welcome to my wonderful word of me. I have one book published, "Office Antics & Sexual Liaisons", and I am actively working on the sequel. I humbly appreciate all who have purchased and read my 1st creation (even if you read it without purchasing, you have entered my mind and got a sense of my writing style). I always welcome all feedback; positive, negative, indifferent - doesn't matter - makes me a better and more conscientious writer - all I ask is that you not be disrespectful. I can be sarcastic, comical, sensitive, informative, and overly descriptive (lol) as I've been told. I'm cool with all that, and to those who are not into my style of prose, I get that too. I still have two other books in my head that should've been on paper a long time ago - what?! - I do have a life y'all! So stay tuned for the sequel, which is tentatively titled, "After the Antics". In the meantime, continue to follow my blog and tell someone about it. I love you for readin' my writin'. Peace!

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  1. While i can appreciate any art work, some look distasteful…i would hire someone with tats but i guess it depends on other factors as well. however i would not hire someone with tats on thier face. once at my place of business a young man came in to inquire about someone, now as he approached my desk i just thought his face was dirty, but the closer he got i noticed he had tattoos of women’s names ALL OVER HIS FACE, smh…ALL OVER!!

    • I hear you, Chocolate. Ever since I wrote this particular blog, it seems like tattooed folks are all over the place. I’ve seen more folks w/their faces marked on, and I can’t agree with scarring your face. You’d have to be remorseful for me to hire you with a tattooed face.

  2. Aww! How cute!

  3. Knock, knock! Update, y’all. I just saw a young guy who had at least three tattoos on his face (1 between the eyes and 2 above the cheeks). I asked if I could see them up close – and guess what he did – and said? He put his hoodie on and said, “No, I don’t want nobody to see my face!” I was like, “What? You serious?” He began walking away really fast. I yelled, “So, why’d you get them on YOUR FACE?” I never got a response because he ran away. Now, you tell me – what the harry? This boy knowingly marked his face and now doesn’t want anyone to see it. God, if only he hadn’t ran away….

  4. Its no big deal! I would hire someone with tattoos all over them, just as long as they aren’t on the face. Face tattoos make me sick, and I hate when kids have tattoos. Those parents are goofy! O_o

  5. Some tattoos are considered art. I love to look and admirer some tattoos that are tasteful. I have one tattoo of a rose on my leg and was considering getting another of a strawberry with sweetness written around it. But I haven’t gotten up enough nerves to go to that pain again.

  6. Just as I would not hire someone who walked into an interview with green hair, I would not hire someone who was had visible obnoxious tattoos. “Obnoxious” is in the eye of the beholder, but if I’m the one “beholding” the job you didn’t think enough of to cover up, well….

  7. Delica Nisaa Debro-Sulaiman

    When I was working at the District, I serviced a young man, who from a distance, was very handsome. however as he got closer to me I noticed something black on his eyelids…In the interview booth, I realized the words were ” dead man”.. I of course attempted to not react but I was really shaken. Why would such a beautiful young man brand himself in that way.. above his eyelid no less, so every time he blinked, you could read it.. I told myself … this is a person who will always need DPW because… who is really going to hire him. He may never be able to elevate himself to another level in society… Such a shame.
    I personally hate the extremism in the Tattoo generation. All the beauty that God gives them, marred up like a dirty billboard.

    • Yes, Delica, I agree. But I know I would’ve asked for the story behind the eyelids. What does that say about a person who gets their eyelids inked? That’s a very delicate area. And I’ve been seeing more young people just like the young man you interviewed.

  8. I think a person with tats all over their body should live that lifestyle like an artist. But I think it is very in attractive for a woman with showing tats. I have one on my arm which I regret some even though its nothing but a few words. I would cover it up if I am dressing up or going to work its just not lady like. So I agree with you in some ways. And parents who allow their teens to get tats are crazy. That’s irresponsible parenting to me but some may say the same about how I parent.

    • Niya, I say the same thing that their tats should coincide with their lifestyle. I’m curious about the size of your arm tattoo – is it that distracting? I agree with you about teen tats too, and yes folks will always say something about our parenting skills.

  9. Hey MaTilda! Tattoos are not for me but I don’t knock others who have them. That said, I also wouldn’t hire someone to work for me if they are covered in body art (or piercings)…. unless of course they weren’t dealing with my clients in person. Tattoos on your face, neck, hands, or anywhere else that’s not covered are typically not acceptable in professional environments. I believe we should all present ourselves how we wish to be addressed. So if you want to be the part, you should look the part.

    Getting tattooed is a personal choice; I just think that more people need to carefully think about the size, type, and location of their body art before they indulge. It may just give them more opportunity in the long run.

  10. Tattoos seemed to have started out slowly and then it mushroomed. I don’t have one and do not want one. The most striking one I have seen was on this young lady in Macy’s. She was a customer bent over looking at the watches under display. I kept wondering why these young guys kept taking pictures of the back of her with their cell phones. She had on a short top displaying her midsection but I needed to know what these guys were taking a picture of. When I got a good look, this girl had a pair of eyes tattooed right above her backside, complete with blue eye shadow and long eyelashes!! It looked so real!!! And I am not taking about a small tattoo!!

  11. Good morning Tillie . I don’t have any tats. Not one and I’ll never get one because I don’t believe in disfiguring Gods handi work. Anyway my wife as one a butter fly on her ankle . A toy tattoo ! LOL!B-) Anyway when I see people with tattoo’s on their face it makes me question a person judgement. No company would have you repersent them with that junk on your face. Stars and tears. Sheesh ! Your right it’s a fad now . B-)Enjoy!B-)

  12. I confess I don’t understand the sudden surge in ” body art!” especially the paw prints and thigh writing! Although I have to admit some of them are quite are eye-catching, perhaps that is the reason–another way of seeking attention. I guess the reasons behind them are as varied as the tats. I have seen some quite beautiful artwork, though. And, as with you, Tillie some of them are plainly of a commemorative nature. I’ve heard it said that getting tatted can become :addictive.” Perhaps if we asked, there are some great stories behind them.
    I don’t think there will be a tat-free generation, body art has become too common-place for that. I do wonder what they will look like in 20 years, though.

    • Yes, it will be interesting to see septuagenarians (had to look that up) & octogenarians walking around with tattoos they got some 60 & 50 years earlier. And I believe that you can be addicted to tats just as folks are addicted to anything else.

  13. I often wonder when I see these young adults just getting started in life draped in those tats over their de’collete’ area, arms, necks, etc…”How do you expect a descent man to dress you up and want to take you anywhere?” (Black tie affairs, Formal dinners, Congressional Mtgs and so forth) Men can cover tats up with a tux and look good. Women love to show cleavage, arms, backs and some, and look absolutely ——–! So do yourself a favor, give it some time, put it in an inconspicuous place…you could meet the man that could make you the next First Lady but he can’t take you nowhere. Imagine Michelle with that work of art all over her? Whatever you thought, that’s what’s said about you.

    • Afro girl, I understood everything you said! 🙂 I guess folks (male or female; not just the ladies) do not think that far in advance or maybe that they’ll ever be in a formal setting or having a chance at being 1st Lady or 1st Dude (you know, Bill could be thee 1st Dude when Hillary wins).

  14. My thoughts/feelings about tattoos mirror yours, but mine are probably more harsh.

    There is nothing special, unique, meaningful, or worthy enough to pique interest about any of the overabundance of today’s tattoos. In the past tattoos were accompanied by an interesting story or adventure, or at least were explainable significance beyond just “it looks cool.” It’s now, as you already stated, simply a fad.

    Clothing/shoes, etc. are subject to fads, but when it’s ended they can be discarded. That tattoo stay forever as a reminder of some thoughtless decison(s) made. You’d probably really be surprised at the number of tattoos that are severely disliked by the wearer. And, most don’t even have the benefit of a story about some foreign port or drunken high jinks.

  15. Quite a lot has changed. Some of us belong to the conservative genre; who don’t see much beauty in tattoos. There are indeed professions where they are accepted; almost expected. Still, I don’t see me or my children getting them. But that’s me. To each their own…


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