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Hey folks! I’ve been MIA for too long now (as a blogger). I’m ashamed (my head is hung low). I apologize and promise to correct my – uh, lack of consistency. I mean, how can I consider myself a writer, if I don’t write?!

Let me begin by sharing my sincerest gratitude with those of you who have been encouraging me to finish the sequel to my first book, Office Antics & Sexual Liaisons.

Going back a couple of weeks, I had a conversation with a co-worker who inquired about the subject. This particular lady has been asking for years, “Til, when are you gonna finish?” “Til, I’m still waiting.” “Til, if you stop blogging, you can write! Til….” Okay, okay, Z! I explained to her that when I wrote the book at age forty-six, I was in a totally different head place than I am now at fifty-one. “The sequel has to be just as good as or better than the first.” With a chuckle, I added, “I have to redeem some of them damned devils I created in the first book.” After all, it’s only fair that my characters grow in fiction just as I have in real life. The interesting thing is while I’ve aged, they haven’t.

Another co-worker asked if I had writer’s block. Nope, not the case at all. Thank God, I’ve never experienced it.

Finally, a third co-worker asked what would be my first writing of the new year? This is it – hope you enjoy it.

I appreciate all the encouragement I receive – be it from verbal conversations, Facebook, texting or whatever – you guys like my scribes and it’s a wonderful feeling knowing I’m interesting enough to keep your attention.

So, why am I not writing then? I’m glad you asked.

First let me mention I’m down seven or eight chapters already (been there for about two years though). I have enough material in my head to finish what I started. I could blame my job for not writing. By the time I get home from work I am mentally drained, which is no exaggeration, but nonetheless the truth. But no more – unh, unh! I will not let anything else come between me and what I love to do! If I had stayed diligent to my craft, I would’ve had the sequel done and published before now! If I am to encourage my readers in pursuing their goals, why stifle my own progress? It’s foolishness on my part and the only honest way to answer the question.

I thank you for inciting excitement in my veins and boosting my writing ego.

I won’t disappoint.

Happy New Year – 2014 style!


About T. Anthony-Horton

If you know me, you are very much aware of how I truly enjoy writing - because after all - it is my thang. If you are unfamiliar with me, welcome to my wonderful word of me. I have one book published, "Office Antics & Sexual Liaisons", and I am actively working on the sequel. I humbly appreciate all who have purchased and read my 1st creation (even if you read it without purchasing, you have entered my mind and got a sense of my writing style). I always welcome all feedback; positive, negative, indifferent - doesn't matter - makes me a better and more conscientious writer - all I ask is that you not be disrespectful. I can be sarcastic, comical, sensitive, informative, and overly descriptive (lol) as I've been told. I'm cool with all that, and to those who are not into my style of prose, I get that too. I still have two other books in my head that should've been on paper a long time ago - what?! - I do have a life y'all! So stay tuned for the sequel, which is tentatively titled, "After the Antics". In the meantime, continue to follow my blog and tell someone about it. I love you for readin' my writin'. Peace!

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  1. I gave U some stories!
    Wat U 4got them? How can U 4get something so JUICY!!!
    Where do U want me 2 send them?

  2. Look i was da 1st 2 get a book & da 1st 2 have it autographed! Now come on Tillie I am Very disappointed n U!!! I should’ve been had my damn book!!! Do U need more stories? Cause i have more alot more. Imma have U write a book bout me 1 day……. Now tht will b Juicy & some of ur reader would not like me, like I care!!! Hahahahahahaha
    Luv U Still CherryFace………

  3. Angel E. Preston

    Now u know me of all ppl cant wait to read it gurl….sitting here tapping my fingers waiting. Lol

  4. I will be waiting

  5. TILLLLLLLLLLLIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! (SINGING & DANCING) LET’S GET IT STARTED IN HERE!!!! LMAO! I can’t wait!!!! Wait … I have to sing and dance again … I’M SO EXCITED! I JUST CAN’T HIDE IT! LOL Now when will my book be ready???? Yea I’m putting the pressure on you girl … AGAIN! πŸ™‚ I have been waiting sooooo long and the wait is almost over! Let’s go Til!!!

  6. Ok Tillie, we’ll be waiting


  7. We all know that you got this! Can’t wait to read all you have stored in that brain of yours! Can you say EXCITED! Well I can! And I am yelling it ! Now get a move on it Nathan!

  8. New year new thoughts, you go girl. Never to old to write..


  9. IT’S ABOUT TIME!! & yes I am hollering @ you! I’ve been waiting far too long for the sequel. HAPPY 2014!


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