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2014 resolution – mend that relationship

Unlike a lot of folks, I gladly welcome every new year with open arms. For me it’s time to rejuvenate thoughts and goals. I always look forward to correcting, enhancing or finishing what I started the year before. In the past few years, my outlook has been much brighter; my goals a little more attainable, and it’s only because of reasonable and realistic goals I set.

Maybe the reason folks don’t bother with new year’s resolutions or fail at them is because they put too much pressure on themselves. Why make a resolution knowing it’s too difficult to achieve? So, let’s remove the more popular ones like losing weight, exercising more (which I personally never make because I hate exercising), tithing on the regular, – and replace it with another one that could be considered the forgotten resolution.

Family ties and true friendships are falling apart – let’s face it. It’s senseless what we’re doing or have done to one another. What we must (and I emphasize the word) do is work on mending at least one relationship that’s in need of repair. Everyone, including me, reading these words right now is guilty of doing absolutely nothing when it comes to making amends – no matter who’s at fault. My family is no different from yours. I can think of three jacked up relationships right off the bat – no, make that four… no, five (dang)! Two are not mine, but the rest are. I’m not particularly looking forward to one that’s very challenging because of resistance from the other party, but it’ll be worth the effort for the sake of family.

And what is it that stops me/us from reaching out? Pride – do we feel such an overblown sense of self that it makes us believe we’re too good to reach out? Or is it stubbornness – refusing time after time knowing we should but just don’t? Or how about immaturity where we don’t even consider the depth of destruction? The more I write, the more numbers I can add to my own messed up list – hmm, deep.

So, how ’bout we all make the first move in reaching out? Let’s challenge ourselves and extend that olive branch by making this year better than the last. I’m going to follow my own advice and before the end of the month I will have taken the first step in making good on this New Year’s Resolution.

What about you? How are you gonna mend your relationship?


the sequel

Hey folks! I’ve been MIA for too long now (as a blogger). I’m ashamed (my head is hung low). I apologize and promise to correct my – uh, lack of consistency. I mean, how can I consider myself a writer, if I don’t write?!

Let me begin by sharing my sincerest gratitude with those of you who have been encouraging me to finish the sequel to my first book, Office Antics & Sexual Liaisons.

Going back a couple of weeks, I had a conversation with a co-worker who inquired about the subject. This particular lady has been asking for years, “Til, when are you gonna finish?” “Til, I’m still waiting.” “Til, if you stop blogging, you can write! Til….” Okay, okay, Z! I explained to her that when I wrote the book at age forty-six, I was in a totally different head place than I am now at fifty-one. “The sequel has to be just as good as or better than the first.” With a chuckle, I added, “I have to redeem some of them damned devils I created in the first book.” After all, it’s only fair that my characters grow in fiction just as I have in real life. The interesting thing is while I’ve aged, they haven’t.

Another co-worker asked if I had writer’s block. Nope, not the case at all. Thank God, I’ve never experienced it.

Finally, a third co-worker asked what would be my first writing of the new year? This is it – hope you enjoy it.

I appreciate all the encouragement I receive – be it from verbal conversations, Facebook, texting or whatever – you guys like my scribes and it’s a wonderful feeling knowing I’m interesting enough to keep your attention.

So, why am I not writing then? I’m glad you asked.

First let me mention I’m down seven or eight chapters already (been there for about two years though). I have enough material in my head to finish what I started. I could blame my job for not writing. By the time I get home from work I am mentally drained, which is no exaggeration, but nonetheless the truth. But no more – unh, unh! I will not let anything else come between me and what I love to do! If I had stayed diligent to my craft, I would’ve had the sequel done and published before now! If I am to encourage my readers in pursuing their goals, why stifle my own progress? It’s foolishness on my part and the only honest way to answer the question.

I thank you for inciting excitement in my veins and boosting my writing ego.

I won’t disappoint.

Happy New Year – 2014 style!