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Monthly Archives: January 2016

The Storm; God’s Way of…..

We’re all busy with everyday life; moving about, parenting, going to work, school, appointments, volunteering, traveling, lollygagging, and serving our God.

We drive our vehicles into the ground, hop on public transportation, hail down taxis, hire Uber drivers, are Uber drivers, ride bikes, motorcycles, scooters, and oh, yeah, let’s not forget the latest sensation on wheels – hoverboards!

All of them needing a period of rest, which also means less pollution on the environment.

We’re always on the go and we don’t rest our bodies the way we should. We overwork ’em and then don’t get enough sleep (me) to properly maintain and sustain them.

Then God sends a snow storm.

Sure it’s a major inconvenience, but was it purposely designed to keep us housebound? To get some rest? To contemplate? To read His word? To get our homes in order? Has anyone other than me thought this is God’s way of telling us – no, forcing us to sit our azzes down and rest? “Shuddup and relax,” I imagine Him saying.

I mentioned to my kid that the storm is God’s way of forcing us to pause; slow down. God knew my body needed an additional day off. He also knew my car needed a break as well because it’s on the move every day like its owner. Most of the city is shut down. Some businesses were closed or delayed opening, which meant lost revenue.

Yesterday, my family (twenty-something of us) was supposed to have brunch at Relish restaurant to celebrate my nephew who graduated from the State Police Academy.  The restaurant called to say they, unfortunately, would be closed due to inclement weather. Yes, a disappointment, but I’m sure the cooks, managers, and other personnel needed and welcomed the break.

Yesterday, our church service was cancelled for the same reason. I believe Pastor along with everyone else appreciated the break too. We need to be refreshed and focused – God’s way of giving our minds a rest period.

And notice the subject title, I didn’t specify what type of storm. Whatever personal storm you’re going through, address it during this snow storm.

Psalm 46:10 (International Standard Version) in part reads, “Be in awe and know that I am God.”

God’s plan. Now y’all do with it what you will.

Thanks again for readin’ my writin’.



Snow Storm Hype…please

Here we go again.

The news media doing what it does best. Controlling our minds. Manipulating us into believing we got to get the milk, cheese, and eggs – all while shoving a microphone into someone’s face and peering down into their shopping cart asking the same old stupid questions they always ask during every pre-snow storm or blizzard.

Why do they do it? (Me whispering)… Maybe they’re in cahoots with supermarket chains and home improvement stores.

What’s more interesting is our panicky reaction. Why do we fall for the hype?

They got us all scrambling around, rushing to get gas when the tank is half full or better, going to grocery stores to stock up on junk food – because let’s face it, that’s what we’re supposed to do in this first Blizzard of 2016. Then they make us paranoid enough to go to home improvement stores for salt, shovels and snow blowers because it’s gonna be one hell of a Monster Storm and “you have to be prepared.” So, in keeping up with the Eye on the Storm, we’ll stay glued to our TVs for different reasons: to watch movies or the Wives with Knives marathons on the ID channel, to clear what’s on the DVR, or continue to watch the progression of The Deadly Storm (because we need to know when it will eventually end, right?). Sidebar: I got all those names from three different news stations.

As for me,  I’m not falling for the shelves are empty crap. I went to Aldi’s with The Kid because it’s pay day and that’s what we do. We didn’t do the supermarket because we wanted to run in and out, and not be around the paranoids. But, thanks to the news media hype – brainwashing everyone into thinking we’ll all starve to death if we don’t fill the  fridge – our trip wasn’t as simple as we had planned. The parking lot was filled to capacity. Folks were speeding around like they were on an open highway. And then to top it off, there were no more flat bread pizzas! – my sole reason for going. However, we weren’t too disappointed and we weren’t alone. We, along with plenty others, got our feel good grub: some other pizza, chocolate to go with the popcorn, ice cream, OJ – oh, and a few bags of frozen vegetables thrown in for good measure.

Earlier today a co-worker of mine told me she had already picked out her socks, blanket, comfort food, and plans of relaxation – we both got a good laugh when we agreed that showering may be a real possibility of being ignored this weekend…. Oh, please, I chuckle because I know some of you haven’t even showered today!

So, like some of you, The Kid and I are already getting our snow day on this evening by having food of no nutritional value (such a good mother) while enjoying Jurassic Park III and then Jurassic World.

But back to the title, I love the fresh snow. I think it’s one of God’s most beautiful gifts. However, it can be harmful and deadly too. So, whatever your pleasure is on this snowy weekend (don’t go into debt ordering from Amazon because you’re all comfy and cozy in your pajamas), enjoy the storm and stay safe and warm!

I thank you for readin’ my writin’.